Developing a long term strategy for rail

From December 2021 to February 2022, GBRTT held a call for evidence to help inform the development of a long term strategy for the railway.  

Questions in the call for evidence were based around the five strategic objectives that have been set for the rail industry: 

Next steps

Work on the long term strategy for rail is well underway. We are continuing to collaborate and engage with a wide range of stakeholders as it develops. 

Call for evidence response report (June 2022)

This report summarises the evidence of the 307 organisations and individuals that responded to our call for evidence and is being used as part of our evidence base to develop a long term strategy for rail. Key themes included decarbonisation, accessibility, the need for a strong customer service ethos and financial sustainability, as well as the importance of integrating with other transport. 

Call for evidence (December 2021-February 2022)

Originally called the Whole Industry Strategic Plan (WISP), this call for evidence aimed to explore how the industry might meet the significant challenges facing the railway – particularly following the 2020 Covid pandemic – and how we can best seize the opportunities of the future.