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Previous consultations

Rail freight growth target
Call for evidence (5 July – 27 September 2022)

The purpose of this call for evidence was to develop an understanding of how much of the current and future market demand for freight could be met by rail, and the role rail can play in the nation’s supply chains. This information will help us to understand the freight industry’s ambitions and challenges, with responses used to inform future rail freight growth target options for Britain's rail network.

Great British Railways national HQ competition
Public vote (5 July – 15 August 2022) 

Following strong applications from 42 local authorities across Britain in the competition to find a location for the headquarters of Great British Railways, six locations were shortlisted. This stage of the competition gave the public the opportunity to vote for their preferred location from the shortlist. The results will be used to measure the level of support for each place and will be considered as part of final decision making.  

Legislative changes to implement rail reform
Consultation (9 June – 4 August 2022)

The Department for Transport was asking for opinions on proposed changes to primary legislation required to bring about rail reform. The consultation covered the core functions and duties of a new central rail body; a new governance framework; and the reform of wider industry structures and processes. It was also seeking evidence of the risks and potential implications of the policies proposed to inform impact assessments. 

Whole Industry Strategic Plan
Call for evidence (9 December 2021 – 4 February 2022)

The purpose of this call for evidence was to help inform the development of a 30 year strategy for the railway, setting the strategic context and key priorities for the sector. Respondents were asked to provide evidence based on five key strategic objectives: meeting customer needs, delivering financial sustainability, contributing to economic growth, supporting levelling up and connectivity, and delivering environmental sustainability.