Great British Railways (GBR) will make the railway simpler and better for everyone.

In the meantime, the Secretary of State for Transport has asked the Great British Railways Transition Team (GBRTT) to work with the Department for Transport and Network Rail to provide industry leadership, within today’s legal framework.

As well as preparing the ground for GBR, we are also delivering improvements that benefit passengers and freight customers in the here and now. GBRTT is focused on supporting organisations – across track and train – to work better together to improve both rail’s financial sustainability and the customer experience.

Our priorities​​​​​​

We are working hard to make our railways safer, more reliable, more accessible and more affordable. To get there, we will make rail:

Easier and better to use

Passenger notice board

Better at supporting local and national ambitions

A simpler sector to operate and do business in

Lower cost for taxpayers

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Our focus on ‘simpler and better’ guides everything we do. A simpler railway means better experiences for customers and more clarity for people who fund and work with us.

Our commitment to making improvements that matter will result in a thriving, connected, greener Britain.

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