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… the Great British Railways Transition Team (GBRTT) is working to deliver the most ambitious changes to our railway in a generation, in partnership with the government and the whole rail sector.

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What we are working on

Simpler, better industry processes

Regulatory and contractual rules are important and underpin a surprising number of the most basic railway functions. They control how the railway works together to carry passengers and goods safely and efficiently around the network.

We submitted recommendations to government on ways to improve and simplify industry processes, and are now taking forward several key areas of work in order to achieve better outcomes for passenger and freight customers.

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Rail freight growth target

Growing rail freight is hugely important to the wider reform of the railway. Using rail reduces carbon emissions by over 76% compared to using lorries, improves air quality and delivers economic benefits across the country.

Following the announcement by government of a rail freight growth target, we are moving ahead with plans to build market demand for moving freight by rail and looking at how we can better support the supply chain.

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National rail accessibility strategy

The National Rail Accessibility Group (NAG) has been established by GBRTT to support the delivery of a National Rail Accessibility Strategy consultation by government, in an advisory capacity.

The group membership consists of independent disabled people with knowledge and understanding of the rail industry, together with charities representing disabled people.

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Great British Railways HQ

Derby has been selected as the home of the Great British Railways headquarters.

The HQ will be the anchor of a new rail campus across the city, building on Derby's existing reputation of railway excellence – as it already hosts Europe’s largest rail cluster, providing thousands of skilled jobs. Derby also benefits from well-established rail links to towns and cities across the country.

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Long term strategy for rail

Our railways play a fundamental role in supporting the economic, environmental and social achievements of the country.

As recommended by government in the Plan for Rail, we are working on a 30-year strategy to determine how best the railways can support Britain long term. This will enable a clear and agreed direction of travel for the future of the sector.

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Our workstreams

GBRTT is structured around workstreams covering all aspects of rail reform, so together, we can create a simpler, better railway for everyone in Britain.

We are working to bring together decisions about track and train, provide accountable leadership, and lead the railway forward. We are also delivering improvements to benefit the railway’s customers now.

Designing and developing a long-term evidence-based strategy and planning process.

Find out more about the Strategic Planning workstream.

Clearer pricing, modern methods of payment and straightforward compensation will help us to restore trust and encourage more people to use rail.

Find out more the Fares, Ticketing & Retail workstream.

A new offer for freight which will increase the amount of goods transported by rail, bringing significant economic, environmental and social benefits

Find out more about the Strategic Freight workstream.

We’re building an ever-better understanding of what passengers want and how they are travelling, to help us shape a simpler, better offer that makes more people want to choose rail more often.

Find out more about the Passenger Revenue workstream.

Providing the necessary leadership and promoting a customer focus across the industry so that the railway can deliver a customer experience that meets expectations.

Find out more about the Customer workstream.

Enabling the best of the private sector to transform our railways, designing a guiding mind that empowers businesses to bring their best problem-solving prowess and innovative new ideas.

Find out more about the Industry Commercial workstream.

Creating a trusted source of financial and business planning information about and for the rail industry.

Find out more about the Business Planning & Financial Management workstream.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to modernise the customer experience and transform operational performance through development of digital products.

Find out more about the Digital & Data Services workstream.

Developing Great British Railways’ position on policy and legislative changes, planning future requirements, and coordinating implementation.

Find out more about the Policy & Transformation workstream.

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