At GBRTT, we are working hard to develop a more customer-focused, commercially robust rail network – bringing together decisions about track and train, and leading the railway forward together. We are also delivering improvements to benefit the railway’s customers now. 

Teams have been set up to deliver across several key areas, covering all aspects of rail reform. We’re embracing innovation and creating opportunities to: 

  • improve the passenger experience; 
  • support local economies; 
  • reduce costs; 
  • generate revenue; 
  • reduce congestion and pollution on our roads. 

Our areas of work

Our leaders

Experienced senior managers helping to drive forward reform – from a range of backgrounds and organisations, including Network Rail, train operators, industry and the Department for Transport.

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Business Planning & Financial Management

Creating a trusted source of financial and business planning information for the rail industry, with new tools and innovative methods.

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Customer & Revenue Growth

Developing a clear customer focus, for rail passengers and freight, to grow these sectors and encourage more users to choose rail.

Find out more about the teams that make up Customer & Revenue Growth:

Fares, Ticketing & Retail

Restoring trust and encouraging more people to use rail, through clearer pricing, modern methods of payment and straightforward compensation.

Find out more about Fares, Ticketing & Retail.

Partners & Places

Building relationships with our regions and nations, as well as the private sector, to strengthen support for change in rail.

Find out more about the teams that make up Partners & Places:


People & Culture

Working across the rail industry to build a strong culture of inclusivity and accessibility, embracing diversity in every sense.

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Policy & Strategy

Responding to national and political challenges, to align our activities to best support the rail industry and our customers.

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