The railway in Britain is changing and this is your chance to get involved in its biggest transformation in a generation.

In 2021, the Government announced the Plan for Rail, a new strategic direction. We, the Great British Railways Transition Team (GBRTT), are working across the rail industry to lay the foundations for a thriving, connected, greener Britain.

Our purpose is clear. We are creating a simpler, better railway for everyone in Britain. Working together is crucial as we remove barriers to success and enhance efficiencies as we go.

We are creating a safe, reliable, accessible, and affordable railway, one that is customer-led and commercially robust. We are building sustainability into everything we do. We are working towards transforming the customer experience of millions of people now. Do you want to be a part of taking our railway forward and making improvements that matter?

Could GBRTT be right for you?

A railway passenger with a bicycle talking to a railway member of staff.

Our work

We are customer focused. This will be a period like no other in your career as you put the experience of millions of passengers and freight customers at the centre of your work.

We move with pace. This will be exciting and varied work. You will need to be agile in your thinking and willing to take calculated risks.

We are problem solvers. You will bring both your knowledge and your common sense to complex challenges. You will find simple and innovative solutions.

We are influencers. You will make important decisions, and you will take people with you.

We are collaborators. You are committed to your work and that of your team. You are proud of your contribution and strive to go the extra mile.

Our people

You will be collaborating with the smartest people in the rail industry, the transport sector and beyond. You delight in meeting all kinds of people. You naturally hold yourself accountable and you are prepared to make and stand by challenging trade-off decisions. You are forward thinking and have a talent for simplifying what is needed to make improvements that matter.

We are working hard to recruit people from diverse backgrounds and to make everyone feel part of this unique opportunity.

You can focus on your work while also being aware of the big picture. You can take a step back to offer up solutions to our overall goals.

Your leadership skills mean you can step up and make quick decisions in the local context.

Development opportunities

Accelerated learning. We are moving at pace to deliver change. You are keen to learn and want to be challenged. You will gain from significant professional and personal development in a short period of time.

Strategic thinking. You will be involved in strategy and decision making, playing your part in a national team on a high-profile project. You will learn from exposure to the most experienced people across the industry.

Support. You will maximise your learning and success through a comprehensive development framework.

Career acceleration.

Passenger assistance

Reward and recognition

Recognition culture. We are developing a scheme that encourages us all to recognise the contributions of those around us, as part of the wider team.

Personal investment. One of your biggest reward and recognition benefits from working with us is the investment you are making in your future. You will gain skills and experience that give you a competitive edge. We are committed to helping you make the most out that investment.

Could GBRTT be right for you?