A once in a lifetime opportunity to modernise the customer experience and transform operational performance through development of digital products 

Our Digital & Data team’s vision is to bring thought leadership and expert delivery on the use of digital and data in the rail industry, while promoting ways in which industry partners can collaborate better to unlock the benefits of technology. 

A fully joined-up digital and data ecosystem has the potential to bring customers an unrivalled experience and value for money. 

We are promoting ‘an open by default data platform’ and culture as outlined in the Plan for Rail. We are also simplifying and modernising current data and systems architecture. Our leaders and experts have been looking at the various digital and data capabilities and are advising on the new industry projects. 

We will be launching a new strategy to drive intelligent use data and technology in the rail industry ready for the stand-up of Great British Railways (GBR) We aim to become the trusted Centre of Excellence for Digital and Data for the industry, enabling an Open Data Marketplace. 

There are five key enabling services:

  1. Data for insights
  2. Data for exploration
  3. Open Data Marketplace
  4. The digital products themselves
  5. Optimisation of different platforms

We want to enable a fantastic customer experience, world class operational efficiency and value for money for passengers, freight and taxpayers. 

 As we work towards launching and running new digital products and data-driven services, customers will see a change for the better. We will continue to demonstrate a dedicated focus on personalised customer engagement through timely, quality analytics.