We are providing the necessary leadership and promoting a customer focus across the industry so that GBR can deliver a customer experience that meets expectations. The new guiding mind will also increase demand and revenue, and deliver on priority issues, such as accessibility, freight sector growth and better passenger information.

To help us better deliver customer service improvements across the industry, a new customer survey will consolidate existing customer feedback to ensure more timely insight and improvements, this will replace existing research like Wavelength and the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) enabling us to respond to feedback in a more timely manner. Our team is listening to customers throughout the design and delivery phases to ensure it best meets their needs. The new survey will support customer service improvements across the industry and monitor customer feedback on an ongoing basis.

Removing the barriers to accessibility

Around 22% of the UK population lives with a disability. Due to the lack of appropriate public transport options, 1 in 5 disabled people reported that they are unable to travel. Our Accessibility Team represents the 1 in every 20 people who experience barriers to using the railway through their mobility issues. We want to remove these barriers as soon as possible and make travelling by train easier.

We are soon to launch a National Rail Accessibility consultation to inform our work going forward. As well as creating more revenue, improving accessibility will create more positive experiences for people travelling with luggage, bicycles, prams and buggies, young children and others with mobility issues.