Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of commonly asked questions relating to the development of the Great British Railways (GBR) headquarters in Derby.

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Now Derby has been confirmed as the home of the GBR HQ, more detailed planning and development work can take place. This will include the development of more detailed proposals in regards to the number of people working there and their respective roles and responsibilities.  

However, as the Secretary of State outlined, teams at HQ will support the wider industry in driving innovation and new thinking, including teams focused on research and development and tackling nationwide issues like net-zero and expanding the role of rail freight. 

We are expecting that the site will use an existing building – preferably publicly-owned railway estate or other public owned estate, although alternative proposals may be considered. 

This decision will be part of our further development work with Derby City Council in the months to come.  

Precise timescales will be part of the more detailed development work which can now take place with Derby City Council and we will provide more information as soon as possible. 

Although Derby will be the home of the Great British Railways HQ, regions across England, Wales and Scotland will benefit from the rail reform which GBR will deliver.

To ensure rail reform delivers for customers across Britain, decision making will not be confined to the HQ. Empowered GBR Regions will be equipped with the authority to make decisions and prioritise investment opportunities, alongside a strong and clear voice for local leaders and communities.