The rail industry is committed to becoming more open, diverse, and inclusive for our customers, colleagues and communities.

Rail Unites for Inclusion (RUI) was created in summer 2021 by equality, diversity and inclusion leads from across the rail industry, recognising that collaborating can help have more of an impact in creating a workforce that is representative of the communities we serve and offering our customers an accessible and inclusive environment that meets their travel needs.

The RUI group is made up of anyone passionate about making the rail industry inclusive – including members from regulators, train operating companies, freight operating companies, trade union representatives and parts of the supply chain including external industries keen on sharing inclusion best practice.

Rail Unites for Inclusion promotes equity, equality, diversity, and inclusion across the rail industry highlighting and addressing issues faced by our customers, colleagues and communities.

In addition to this, we continue to build relationships with industry employee network groups and industry EEDI support groups.

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Whether you work for us, with us, or use our services to travel, we want you to feel respected and valued for being who you are.

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Apeksha Naik

Co-Chair of Rail Unites for Inclusion

Odis Palmer

Co-Chair of Rail Unites for Inclusion