We have lead accountability for creating a simpler industry structure and creating the new guiding mind, Great British Railways.

Our P&T team is designing the transformation plan and delivering the capabilities which will enable GBR to function. P&T also oversees the delivery of the portfolio of transformation projects identified by the design process, which will be the main drivers for change.

Our specialist team is developing GBR’s position on policy and legislative changes, planning future requirements, and coordinating implementation. Our cross-cutting units also support business development, including our PMO and Policy & Projects Team.

We are leading on the delivery of multiple Plan for Rail commitments including:

  • Changing legislation, regulation, and contracts to enable a new guiding mind.
  • Designing GBR and the development of its transformative capabilities and ways of working.
  • Having a clear plan for transformation that guides change across the industry.
  • Pioneering partnerships with regional stakeholders to ensure better local services within a coherent network.
  • Assuring we can deliver what we have designed (including safety validation) and coordinating change across the industry.

Our priorities include:

  • Developing and co-ordinating GBR’s position on policy, legislation, and other industry-led processes to ensure the railway works better for its customers and taxpayers.
  • Developing corporate policy and managing initial delivery of corporate services that are essential for the transformation of GBRTT into GBR.
  • Designing future phases of GBRTT and GBR’s operational model and ‘target state’ including a framework approach and GBR-led industry-wide processes that are client-driven.
  • Developing the transformation approach, accelerating benefits, and providing the client interface for the DfT Rail Transformation Programme (RTP).
  • Developing and delivering a plan that will enable GBR to realise its ‘target state’ capabilities.

P&T delivers through:

  • Policy and legislation
  • Design and capability
  • Planning
  • Implementation.

Delivering on the portfolio of transformation projects

We are laying the groundwork for GBR to deliver greater productivity, and increased decision-making efficiency and agility from streamlining and integration across industry. We are also working towards a more collaborative, customer-focused culture that embraces innovation. Our regional partnerships will deliver a better experience for customers through improved integration of the railway and local transport.