We’re building an ever-better understanding of what passengers want and how they are travelling, to help us shape a simpler, better offer that makes more people want to choose rail more often.

Before the pandemic, customer satisfaction with rail had reached its lowest level in a decade. Then COVID-19 hit and people stopped travelling. Rail revenue dropped significantly and it’s been a mammoth task to rebuild it.  

The rail industry needs to grow revenue to balance the books. But to do that, we need to make rail relevant to the way people live and work now, at a time when people’s travel habits have shifted post-pandemic. 

That’s why we are working to understand passengers better and to put that customer insight at the heart of industry decision-making, so that we can shape an offer that makes more people want to take the train, more often. Equipped with this information, we are helping to re-invent the customer experience today – making rail a simpler, better and more appealing option.  

We are also laying the foundations for Great British Railways to maximise revenue opportunities in the future.  

Already making improvements that matter 

We understand our customers better. We’ve brought together expert knowledge and data from train operators, Network Rail, RDG and the private sector to create a whole-industry view of revenue, demand and passenger insights. 

Armed with these robust insights, we are supporting key players to take joined-up commercial decisions. Decisions that are right for customers and that will help get rail onto a more financially sustainable footing.  

Whilst there’s plenty more work to do, we have led the national push to get people travelling by rail again post-pandemic: 

  • Getting national marketing and sales campaigns to market, working with RDG and complemented by local train operator-led activity.
  • The Great British Rail Sale in spring 2022 was a great success.
  • The Book with Confidence scheme generated a significant amount in revenue, with 85% of passengers who were aware of the initiative saying it was important in their decision to buy a ticket.