Call for Evidence

The railway has long played a vital role in Britain’s economic and social development. For 200 years, it has connected people with places, moved goods and services, and supported the growth of businesses and regions. Yet, despite its distinguished past and valued present, the full potential of rail is yet to be realised.

In May 2021, the government announced its plans for the biggest reform to the railway in three decades, in the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail, including a commitment to develop a sector-wide, long-term strategy for rail: the Whole Industry Strategic Plan. 

The Strategic Plan, produced for Ministers, will be the first strategy of its kind, a 30-year high-level plan shaped by a set of strategic objectives that have been developed for the benefit of our passengers, freight users, taxpayers and staff, to support Britain’s nations, regions, and communities to achieve their goals, and to benefit the economy and the environment for the long term.

The Call for Evidence will help shape the Strategic Plan and the future of the railway, and we want it to be informed by as many different perspectives as possible.

You can read the Call for Evidence launch document here. If you prefer to read the launch document as a PDF, please choose one of the options below:

The Call for Evidence has now closed. We are now in the process of analysing and considering the feedback and evidence received in detail. We will be publishing a report with our findings in spring 2022. If you have any questions please contact


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